In a move aimed at providing enhanced accessibility to quality dental care, Cherrytree Dental Practice has rolled out an initiative to offer finance options for specialist treatments. This innovative approach seeks to alleviate the financial burden often associated with more extensive dental procedures, making advanced treatments such as implants more feasible for patients seeking optimal oral health.

As part of their commitment to providing comprehensive dental solutions, Cherrytree Dental Practice has partnered with Financing First Limited, operating under the name Chrysalis Finance, to facilitate convenient financing options for patients. Through this collaboration, Cherrytree Dental Practice can now offer tailored finance plans designed to suit individual needs, allowing patients to spread the cost of specialist treatments over manageable periods.

The decision to introduce finance options stems from Cherrytree Dental Practice’s dedication to prioritising patient well-being and satisfaction. By eliminating financial barriers, the practice aims to ensure that patients have access to the full spectrum of dental services they require, without compromising on quality or delaying essential treatments.

“We understand that some of our patients may require specialist treatments such as dental implants, which can involve significant costs,” says Dr Richard Borland, lead Dentist at Cherrytree Dental Practice. “Our partnership with Chrysalis Finance enables us to offer flexible finance options, empowering patients to undergo the treatments they need to achieve optimal oral health, without concerns about upfront expenses.”

Initially, Cherrytree Dental Practice will offer finance plans spread over 6 to 10 months, providing patients with short-term solutions for managing the costs of specialist treatments. However, the practice aims to expand its finance offerings in the future, with plans to introduce longer-term finance options to accommodate patients seeking extended repayment periods.

“Our ultimate goal is to make high-quality dental care accessible to all members of our community,” Dr. Borland explains. “By introducing longer-term finance options in the future, we hope to provide patients with even greater flexibility and affordability, ensuring that cost considerations never stand in the way of achieving a healthy, confident smile.”

The introduction of finance options for specialist treatments underscores Cherrytree Dental Practice’s commitment to innovation and patient-centric care. By embracing financial solutions, the practice demonstrates its proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs and preferences of patients, while maintaining its reputation for excellence in dental healthcare.

Patients at Cherrytree Dental Practice can now explore finance options for a wide range of specialist treatments, including dental implants, orthodontic procedures, and cosmetic dentistry services. With flexible repayment plans and competitive interest rates, the practice aims to empower patients to prioritise their oral health and invest in long-term well-being without undue financial strain.  By offering finance options for specialist treatments, the practice reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional dental solutions while ensuring that affordability remains at the forefront of patient experience.

What are your payment options?  

Patients can easily access Chrysalis Finance’s dedicated website for Cherrytree Dental Practice by visiting https://partner.chrysalisfinance.com/cherry_tree_dental_practice. Upon reaching the website, patients will find a user-friendly interface designed to guide them through the finance application process seamlessly.

To apply for finance, patients simply need to navigate to the designated section on the website and follow the prompts to provide necessary information and complete the application. With Chrysalis Finance’s secure online platform, patients can submit their finance applications quickly and conveniently, enabling them to explore flexible payment options for specialist treatments at Cherrytree Dental Practice with ease.