NHS Dental Fees

NHS prices are set by the Scottish government and are the same for every NHS dentist in Scotland.

To read more about dental services covered under the NHS in Scotland, and for a detailed price list – Click Here

You get free dental treatment (in Scotland, if at an NHS practice) if you:-

  • Are under 18 years old
  • Are aged 19 and in full-time education
  • Are pregnant, or are a nursing mother

Unless you are in one of the groups entitled to free NHS dental treatment or help with the cost you will require to pay 80% of the cost of your NHS dental treatment up to a maximum of £384 per course of treatment.

Please note that NHS fee structure is complex and varies considerably from patient to patient depending of the treatment required.



Please see our dedicated page for details on how you can get 0% finance for any specialist treatment.



Private Fees

Your treatment options will be fully discussed with you by your dentist. If you choose to have private treatment we will provide you with a detailed estimate of costs before commencement of any treatment.


Dental Examination from £25-50
Consultation £50
Providing dental history information to patient £15

Dental x-rays

Starting from £10
Hygienist tooth scaling from £40-60
Periodontal (2 visits) £100


Composite filling starting from £40-80
Root canal treatment from £200-500
Emergency nerve removal/abscess treatment from £40


Home tooth whitening (full mouth) £350
Whitening applicators £20
Soft bite raising appliance £120
Veneers £400
Crowns £400
Re-cement crown/veneer/bridge £50


Single colour £100
2/3 colours £120
Special design £160


Full upper and lower dentures starting from

Single arch upper or lower starting from £400
Partial upper and lower 1-4 teeth starting from £175-£250
Partial upper and lower 5-7 teeth starting from £300-£350


Simple extraction £60
Surgical extraction from £400