Dr. Audrey Kershaw of Oral Surgery Scotland oversees the oral surgery services provided at Cherrytree Dental Practice.

Patients can access these services either through referrals or by self-referring via the Oral Surgery Scotland website. Upon contact, Dr. Kershaw’s team will promptly provide all necessary details and coordinate appointment scheduling.

Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of oral surgery procedures, encompassing routine and intricate dental extractions, wisdom tooth extractions, oral biopsies, oral medicine, and the treatment of jaw-joint/TMJ issues.

We strive to accommodate patients swiftly, with most individuals being seen within a two-week window following referral. We also offer the convenience of one-visit appointments.

Our pricing structure begins at £234 for routine dental extractions, £460 for surgical extractions, and £250 for consultations related to oral medicine.

For additional information, please visit the Oral Surgery Scotland website at www.oralsurgery.scot or reach out to us at hello@oralsurgery.scot.


Recent feedback from a patient who visited the practice for treatment

“I was made to feel exceptionally comfortable and was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward the process was. Despite my initial anxiety, I found the environment welcoming, with friendly and skilled professionals providing excellent dental care.”