We will not be able to perform some routine procedures because of the risks posed by Coronavirus.

Treatments including routine fillings, root canals and scaling and polishing will be stopped, unless in the case of a dental emergency.

We have also been asked to reduce the number of routine check-ups by cancelling patients from “vulnerable groups” including those who are pregnant, elderly, or with underlying health conditions. We have already started contacting patients to reschedule or cancel appointments.

Unfortunately, we’ve also had to reduce staff and limit our hours which will have a huge impact on the practice, however, our main concern is the importance to minimise the spread of the virus and we are now doing our best to accommodate patients where and how we can.

It is our intention to be available for patients during these difficult times and as such we still have Dentists available, just on limited hours.

We will have a notice on our practice door and will shortly communicate with you the hours we will have available to accommodate patients.

If you wish to make an appointment or cancel your appointment, please call our reception staff on 01382 736632.

Many Thanks
Practice Management