A small snippet from the budget news regarding the new sugar tax plans which will take effect from 2018.

Under the sugar tax plans, soft drinks companies will pay a levy on drinks with added sugar from April 2018, with the proceeds used to double sports funding for primary schools. It will not be levied on milk-based drinks or fruit juices.

Figures suggest that the new sugar tax could increase the cost of a 1 litre bottle of juice, such as cola and irn bru up by 24p.
What’s your thoughts on the new sugar tax? Worried that the consumer will end up paying too much on sugary drinks or, do you think this marks a positive step towards a more healthy nation?  
Less sugar means healthier teeth and gums, as well as less disease such as obesity. As a nation it is our responsibility to teach our children which drinks are healthy and which drinks can cause issues to their health, so surely a tax on sugar is a step in the right direction.
Well done Jamie Oliver. He must be as surprised as everyone today.