Happy belated New Year from all the staff at Cherrytree Dental Practice!

I thought I would keep you up to date on some improvements to the business, so as to clear up any issues that you may have experienced recently.

At the start of December the practice had new dental software implemented.  This software is more advanced in terms of technicality and functionality; so needless to say there have been some glitches, which we hope will even out over time.

However, one of the areas of the system that I know our patients will be happy about (and which is having a huge beneficial impact on the practice) is how we send out appointment reminders.  Previously, we would call every patient by phone or text, however, we can now do this via text and email.  A large majority of our patients do have a text or email facility, however, for those patients who prefer to receive a call, we can still do this.

The new process means patients have the option to select which method they prefer, and we don’t need to worry about spending minutes/hours calling or texting you!  The new system does it all for us.

There are boundless benefits to our new software which means our practice should run more efficiently and effectively, however, please bear in mind, like anything new, there will be teething problems along the way.

As an example, some patients have received letters reminding them of their hygiene appointments. This was an error on the system which has now been rectified.

All functions are being tidied up in-line with our practice requirements, so in a few weeks time hopefully everything will be smooth running 🙂

If you have been a patient with us for years, you will be aware of how helpful and smooth running the practice usually is, so, should you come in and feel your time is being taken up because things are running slowly, please bear in mind the staff are all in the early stages of training and that we endeavour to get back to a normal service as soon as possible.

For any new patients, I politely request that you bear in mind our current situation and we appreciate your patience during this busy period.

I would also say that if there is anything you would like to advise the practice of, whether it be related to admin or clinical, please do not hesitate in speaking to our reception staff or, if a matter you wish to speak to me about, please call or email me (see contact details below).

Here’s looking forward to 2016 🙂

Kind Regards,

Practice Manager

Email: enquiries@cherrytreedental.org.uk
Mobile: 07595 894 684

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